Double\TWN 308 Proskuriv
Superior double room with two twin beds or one double bed.
A retro postcard room, an invitation, a cover to a legendary story.

During the times of Count, Józef Proskuriv was flourishing and developing. Luxurious and easy-going life was in full swing on Oleksandrivska Central Street in the early 20th century. It was a golden age for Elephant — the main restaurant of the city. All the nobility gathered there and a group of blind musicians played every night. A luxurious house of the richest local merchant Solomon Marants, which now is known as a Puppet Theater, was built at that time.

Room 308 takes us back to that old Proskuriv. Vintage wooden furniture, a floor lamp with a flower lampshade, and old photos in luxurious frames. Everything is made to inspire you to take a short trip through the streets of the city where Count Potocki once walked.