Double\TWN 310
Black Сlassics
Superior double room with two twin beds or one double bed with a view of city.
The atmosphere of elegance, sophistication, and depth of space is all about Black Classics room.

An intimate, deep, and assertive black colour require laconism and restraint — clear shapes, geometry, and the absence of unnecessary details. Monochrome is diluted with several emphatic accents: honey-colored oak parquet and a weightless cloud of a snow-white bed. There is a black fireplace in the center of the room.

For festive events that require perfection or solitary evenings in search of a muse — Black Сlassic is always appropriate.

This could be Potocki's office, where he rested from his vivid travels, hunting, and social gatherings. Space of peace and zen, the color of security, reliability, and confidence.

The new black is always black. Forever.