Double\TWN 311 Candy
Superior double room with two twin beds or one double bed with a view of city.
A colorful showcase with hundreds, thousands of colorful sweets. Fabulous shapes and patterns of bright glossy caramel, a sea of chocolates of absolutely unexpected colours and flavors — it's a candy mirror-world.

311 is our fantasy about what could have inspired Potocki to the start sugar business. Perhaps once as a child, in one of the European confectioneries, he saw that showcase with sweets and found his dream.

The candy room looks like a caramel lollipop. Rich orange and shades of turquoise are leading in the room interior. Gently rounded shapes are found in the design of walls, lighting, and decor details. Coffee table with a leg that resembles a dragee and velour chair that looks like a chocolate-mint truffle.