Double 312 Mirror Carp
Double room with a king-size bed without balcony.
The whole room is dedicated to fish! Is it the weirdness of the rich, who by all means tried to impress guests with the eccentricity of the interiors? Partly, yes. But the main reason for such a fanatical attitude to the common mirror carp plunged a little deeper into the murky waters of history.

A great-grandfather of Józef Potocki brought mirror carp from China to Antonin's ponds. The lake in the Potocki estate became the first in Ukraine where this fish took root.

Room 312 is an allusion to the ponds of the Chinese Imperial Gardens. Natural colours, art paintings on the walls, decor with scales imitation, headboards that resemble water lilies, and a glass wall between the bathroom and the room, which creates the illusion of an underwater mirror-world.