TWN 305
Double room with two twin beds.
On a frosty December morning, a man jumped into the first-class carriage of the Kamyanets-Podilskyi — Proskuriv train 30 seconds before departure. He showed the ticket to the conductor, took off his leather gloves, and walked into his compartment. A newly created route of the Podilsk Railway had been very popular among the city nobility, so no one paid much attention to the well-dressed gentleman.

Having ordered a bottle of the most expensive champagne, he sat by the window and peered at the winter landscape that was rapidly passing by.

The gentleman got out at Proskuriv station, looked around, and hurried to the fragile figure of a lady, who was looking out for a familiar face in the crowd.
— We did it, Helena. I did it!
— Yes, Józef. I'm so proud of you, — answered the lady.

The couple moved to the carriage, and behind them stretched the Podilsk Railway, which cost Count Potocki nine years of work, millions of rubles, and personal ties with Prime Minister Stolypin and German Chancellor Wilhelm. And everything was made for the sake of this moment — to go out at the station of this city towards the one that is waiting.