TWN 309 Safari
Double room with two twin beds.
The endless sky of the African savannah instantly turned scarlet. The silhouette of a graceful giraffe that was reaching the rich acacia branches was especially clearly seen on the horizon.

— It's time to go back, sir, it's getting dark! — these words of the African-American guide tore the count from contemplation of the greatest landscape in his life.
— What colours, the snows of Kilimanjaro turned completely pink.

That evening, when the deep Milky Way shone in the sky, the guides brought in a smoky steak and a bottle of red wine. The count cut off a big slab and threw the meat to the lionet, which was whining in the corner.
— Take it, Levutso, gather strength. We will have a long way home.

So the orphaned lion settled in the Potocki estate and later turned into a majestic lion, which used to scare guests, suddenly appearing in the yard.

Safari is a room in the style of African loggias, that are typical for the areas of national parks and reserves. Natural materials, lots of wood, animal prints, and traditional African decor do not overload the space but create a special mood and a feeling of future adventures.